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Matsu Auto and Fleet Services has been doing a great job servicing our older vehicles for three years.  Brad gives us a thorough estimate on the cost and time expected to make repairs, and was more then willing to discuss different alternatives with us.  We appreciate their drop off and pick up service.

J and M

Very grateful to have found Mat Su Auto and Fleet Services


Having a car repaired can be stressful; suddenly you are dealing with an unknown expense, loss of transportation and the conundrum of finding a trustworthy mechanic.


I heard about Brad and Margie from friends in the summer of 2014.  I first called them when my car was venting exhaust into the cab of the vehicle.  Both the dealer and a well-known corporate repair shop had tried and failed to diagnose the trouble, so I had already paid for expensive parts and labor that didn’t fix this dangerous problem.  Brad came over, picked up my car on a weekend, and correctly diagnosed the problem on the first try! 


Since then I have used Mat Su Auto and Fleet Services for all of our vehicle repairs.  They are prompt, courteous, convenient and do excellent work! For everything from major repairs to oil changes, I am pleased to call upon them. They guarantee their work so you don’t have to worry about additional hidden costs. They come to your house and pick up/drop off your car! (Honestly, who else does that?) And most importantly, they do great work at a fair price. I’ve had no issues so far, and plan to continue going to them for all of our vehicle maintenance and repair work.

Trish B.

Getting repairs on your automobile is never ideal and always seems to happen at the most unfortunate of times. But with Brad and Margie they make getting your car worked on a pleasant experience. Before Brad and Margie, I hated the idea of even having a car because of the stress of unplanned maintenance and costs and dealing with ...(other shops). I don't know much about cars so its easy to feel like I'm being taken advantage of by auto repair shops telling me I need repairs that really aren't necessary. With Brad and Margie you can be assured that they will never recommend anything that isn't necessary or for your own safety. They really do have your best interest at heart and treat your vehicle as if it were their own. They'll give you a quote and explain to you exactly what is wrong and why each procedure is needed and tell you on a scale how important each task is (for instance if it can wait a few months or needs to be addressed now). They have been so nice to me and I can't thank them enough for all the work they've done. Before them, I was worried I'd have to sell my car due to a price quote done by (other shop). I will never let anyone else work my on my Subaru from now on! They made the whole process stress free and I recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Sam C.

“After some very frustrating run-ins with other mechanics and the feeling that they were not being honest or forthright with bids for work a friend gave me Brad’s number.  Since then I have called Brad whenever I've needed assistance.  Brad is honest, efficient with his time, and a highly skilled diagnostician.  I would (do!) highly recommend Brad's services to anyone!”

Mark A.

"People!  Listen up!  I have been in the Anchorage/Matsu Area since 1965 and one of the problems I have always had is finding someone to work on my vehicles that I could really trust.  Most shops left me with questions in my head since there always seemed to be an issue that wasn’t fully explained or could not be easily verified.  I can honestly say I have recently found a shop that allows me to walk away from a visit with complete confidence that what was done needed to be done, and was done right! 


During the cold snap in Jan (2017) my truck (Sierra) began a low grade knocking and vibration in the wheels somewhere.  After ascertaining that it was not something simple like a loose lug nut or u-joint I called my friends at Matsu AFS, I knew that Brad was a mechanic, and picky too, from some conversations we had had during the course of some other dealings with them.  In the ensuing days I found out how great it is to have them as “my mechanic”.  Right off the bat they offered to pick up my vehicle for service, a nice perk since I commute and it is problematic to drop my car at a shop.  As Brad investigated my problem he kept me up to date with his suspicions and findings.  In short order he had found the problem and gave me a complete estimate with explanation and discussion of various options.  I approved the fixes and he had it done the next day.  It felt so good to have my truck back!  And delivered right back to my home too!


I had noticed some decline in the MPG of my commuter (Prius) in Oct/Nov and had asked (local dealer) to take a look at it, they said there were no problems, I was skeptical but what was I going to do?  By March I was noticing that I had lost over 25% MPG, down to 30 MPG!  So I again sought the services of Matsu AFS.  Again Brad delivered, his diagnostic expertise and knowledge of auto systems found the problem and I am again back above 40 MPG!  My Prius delivered home. Never again with the dealership!


In both of these recent cases the cost was reasonable, the quality exceptional, and the documentation well beyond what I expected.  In both cases I had long conversations with Brad about what needed to be done, how much it would cost, and what the options were.  You might get all of that from other top shelf shops in Anch/Matsu, at a price,  but they will be far and few between.  Additionally, Brad and Margie are just the nicest people you would ever want to do business with.  They are both friendly, knowledgeable, and absolutely meticulous about every aspect of their business. 


In a nutshell, if you aren’t 110% satisfied with the folks doing the work on your vehicle, go see Brad and Margie, you will find out how good it feels to know without a doubt that what you just bought is what you received."

Michael P.

"I cannot say enough great things about Brad and Margie. After driving a Subaru from New Hampshire to Alaska, my girlfriend and I started noticing some problems with the vehicle. Being new to Palmer, I took it into (local corporate shop) and found out that the head gasket had blown, and amongst other issues, was given a quote of $3,000 to complete all the necessary fixes. At such a high cost, we started searching for mechanics, and got referred to Matsu Fleet and Auto by a friend, being told, “Brad is the only man to trust your vehicle with.” And they were right. From the first shake of his hand, you can tell Brad not only has passion for what he does, but has extensive knowledge about vehicles of all types. He came to the house (which was amazing) and drove the car around, looked under the hood, and explained everything he was looking for, what was normal, and how the car shaped up. In that initial meeting I learned more about the vehicle than in the four prior years of ownership. That evening, we received a quote that was not only significantly cheaper than (local corporate shop), but it included more services, and Brad and his wife Margie would both pick up and drop off the car from our house. They have tremendous respect for their client’s time and money and it shows in both their policies and the hours that they work. Before fixing any unexpected problems, Brad calls and updates you on how the work is going, what problems may have arose, and will not fix things without the owner’s permission! Additionally he texted us photos of the repairs being made. We have seen them work on Sundays and late into the evening’s weekdays. And if all of that wasn’t enough, their post- maintenance check-ups demonstrate the confidence and pride they have in their work. Brad came by the house two times to make sure that everything was in working order and was happy to answer all questions we had. He also ended up replacing the water-pump in my girlfriends Chevy Silverado at a great price! I almost wish we had more cars for him to work on! So overall, they are both incredible people who are offering genuine and reliable work with tremendous passion and excellent execution.  These are the kind of honest, hardworking folks you want to see stick around!"

Jesse & Emily

Mat-Su Auto & Fleet Services is everything I’ve been looking for in a mechanic.

They are a family owned business which I love because they genuinely care about you and want to make sure you are well taken care of when it comes to your vehicle. I have an older Subaru Forester and needed a pretty big repair done about a month ago. Margie and Brad were willing to answer all my questions and kept me well updated on the progress of my vehicle throughout the repair. They even delivered my car once it was completed and stopped by a few weeks after to make sure everything was running ok. I am so pleased with my entire experience at Mat-Su Auto & Fleet that I would 100% recommend them to anyone needing a car repair.

Iris N.

"We are in business to serve you...our customers. Our goal is to help you make the best choice for you based on what your needs are---not ours. We want to take the stress out of car ownership for you."~Brad Subers

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